Admission Policy

Admission Requirements

1. Applicant must have one of the following:

a. High school diploma, or its equivalent
b. Over the age of compulsory school attendance and has the ability to benefit from the training offered at the school
c. Home Schooled equivalent diploma from a State approved Home school program or an equivalent foreign (12 years of schooling) credential

2. Applicant must pass the SLE test (Scholastic Level Exam) Form IV.

Ability to Benefit

Ability to Benefit Students is someone who is beyond the age of compulsory education, lacks a high school diploma or its equivalent, and has the ability to benefit from the education or training offered at an institution. In order to be admitted on the basis of his or her ability to benefit, a student must, prior to admission, take and pass CELSA Ability-To-Benefit test.

Admissions Procedure

Applicants are advised to call the College for an appointment to discuss admission requirements and procedures. Each applicant will be interviewed individually, so that the College may better understand the career goals of the applicant, and the applicant can better understand the programs of the College.

As part of the admissions procedures, all applicants are required to:

  1. Complete an application for admission;
  2. Take and pass the SLE test (Scholastic Level Exam) Form IV which is designed to measure the applicant’s aptitude to successfully complete the educational program for which the applicant has applied. Specific testing requirements are detailed in the Ability-to-Benefit policy sections of this catalog; Student must show English language proficiency. A passing score on either the SLE test (Scholastic Level Exam) Form IV or the CELSA Ability-to-Benefit test will be acceptable in showing English language proficiency.
  3. Have an interview with a representative of the Admissions Department;
  4. Have an interview with a Financial Aid Department Representative prior to completing the enrollment process to discuss payment plans;
  5. Submit high school diploma or GED certificate if applicable
  6. Complete all necessary paperwork for admission;
  7. Receive a catalog;
  8. Take a tour of the facility.

Upon completion of the admission procedures, the student will be notified of the College’s decision regarding admission.